A Message From Our Founder and CEO

Ben SchaubNearly every significant breakthrough or advancement in the field of scientific or social endeavor starts first with a break in tradition — a change in the way we see and think. There is a dramatic need for such a paradigm shift in the way the government, the public, and even charities and grant makers themselves think about charity and philanthropy. There are literally many trillions of dollars that could more easily be directed or redirected to building a better American and world community. Our vision, then, is to help lead this movement in the following three ways:

  • Enlighten more individuals, families, communities, and corporations about better methods of charitable giving and philanthropy.
  • Help eliminate the roadblocks of misguided or ill-conceived constraints and limitations felt by those who would otherwise be more philanthropic.
  • Teach and promote correct principles of structure and operations for charities, foundations, and other charitable plans and trusts.

We, along with greater numbers of good people throughout the world, can greatly impact humanity’s quest to improve itself. May you be blessed in your efforts to help those less fortunate and to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Ben L. Schaub
Founder and CEO

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