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Frequently Asked Question

Are many people establishing foundations?
Yes. There has been a phenomenal growth in foundations during the last decade.  Over two-fifths…

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Establish a Family Foundation


What To Do Next Checklist

Please review the Turnkey Family Foundation Program.

To create your Family Foundation:

1. Complete the Donor Application For a Family Foundation.

2. Attach a check to your completed Donor Application (a minimum amount of $5,000) and mail your application along with the check to the address listed on the lower left side of this page. Please make all checks payable to The American Foundation™ or you may wire funds. (Please refer to Funding Guidelines).

3. Charitable Interest Worksheet may be sent in with Donor Application (optional).

Your Foundation account will be established under The American Foundation’s tax number.

To create a Charitable Remainder Trust in our Family Foundation format:

If you want to set up a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT), call us at (602-955-4770) and we will provide you with an illustration.