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Legal, Tax and Financial Professionals

Save Clients Thousands – Happy Clients Provide Referrals!
Learn about the charitable planning strategies your clients and prospects are looking for:

• How to eliminate capital gains tax on the sale of
appreciated property,
• How to cut income taxes in half,
• How to dramatically increase annual income or cash-flow,
• How to completely avoid estate and gift taxes no matter how
large an estate might be, and still leave everything to heirs,
• How to protect all assets from lawsuits and probate.

The American Foundation would like to help you to increase the charitable planning portion of your practice or assist you in creating this specialization. We offer family foundation and other charitable planning services free of charge.

You can be a major participant in this huge market by making “family foundation planning” part of your practice.
Over $260 billion was contributed to charity in 2006. If more tax professionals, as well as donors, knew about the advantages of family foundation planning, a good portion of this amount would have gone into family foundations.